Is it Okay to Quit your Job on the Spot?

People in unhappy work situations sometimes fantasize about quitting in some dramatic fashion—perhaps with a sendoff involving fireworks or rude gestures flung at managers and coworkers alike. Do you want to quit your job on the spot? Is it a good idea?

Business Insider spoke with four career experts to get their take on leaving your job in a hurry.

Their responses were pretty uniform—quitting on the spot is best left to your daydreams, except in cases where something nefarious is going on. They all also provided advice to individuals who want to quit suddenly.

Jason Hanold, the founder of executive and board search firm Hanold Associates, says that quitting suddenly is only acceptable in cases of breaches of integrity.

“It is cliché to say it is a small world, but that is an accurate statement,” he says. “At one point in your future, you will be asked for a former employer reference, whether for another job, home mortgage or advanced degree application and a host of other scenarios. The most critical references are ‘soft-references,’ the ones that a future employer explores informally, not the names that a candidate actually provides. Those are formal references. In life broadly, we should not readily burn bridges.”

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