How to Apply for a Job with the Competition

There comes a time in your career when the company you work for just doesn’t do it for you anymore. You don’t feel the same thrill you once did when you see your employer’s logo first thing in the morning, and your willingness to hang around the office after working hours is rapidly declining. If you like what you do but not where you’re doing it, there’s a good chance the competition is looking mighty fine right about now. So how do you submit a job application without people finding out?

Let’s get something straight: Eyeing the competition does not mean you’re a terrible person. Sometimes it’s simply the most strategic career move, particularly if your firm’s rapidly losing market share or your bosses don’t have you on a promotion path.

All that said, you do not want to get caught on this job search strategy. If your company finds out you’re thinking of defecting—and then you don’t get the job or whatever—you could end up losing the perfectly okay position you have now, especially if you share information you’re not supposed to. These tips can help you explore your options without raising any red flags.

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