How to Spot the Right Cultural Fit in a Job Interview

A recruiter spills the beans on what questions job hunters should ask

Dear Annie: Is there any way to figure out, in a job interview, what a company is really like to work for? I’m job hunting right now, and it’s important to me to find a place where I’d be a good cultural fit, because where I work now is driving me crazy.

When I came here a couple of years ago, interviewers told me the culture was “innovative” and “entrepreneurial,” but it’s really the opposite—a huge bureaucracy where new ideas are seen as suspect, decision-making is slow, and every little thing has to get approval from so many different people that no individual is ever responsible for anything. Most of my coworkers seem perfectly content, but I can’t wait to get out of here. How can I make sure I get the “fit” right this time? —Square Peg in a Round Hole  Read the full article by Anne Fisher.