Deb Petritsch

Recruiting and Project Coordinator at Hanold Associates

Deb is a recruiting and project coordinator at Hanold Associates and is responsible for website maintenance, help with operations, candidate scheduling and assisting the recruiting team.

Before joining Hanold Associates, Deb worked at McKinsey & Company progressing through various administrative, IT and then logistical positions. For the last 15 years, she managed the distribution of their flagship publication, McKinsey Quarterly, to over 38K clients and business contacts in addition to overseeing delivery of many other firm business publications. She also supervised customer service for their website and governed copyright related requests for repurposing McKinsey knowledge and content.

Deb earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with an emphasis in math and language arts from Northern Illinois University.

Deb stays busy performing in the Chicago area with her band, Front Burner. She also enjoys traveling, reading, doing puzzles, golfing  and outdoor activities.

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