The Best Fonts to Use on a Resume

Best Fonts

When it comes to writing a resume, there a few rules everyone is familiar with…


avoid typos, and don’t lie. But many applicants skip over crucial opportunities to show attention to detail, like choosing the perfect font.

“Font choice is another way to present yourself to the recruiter and hiring manager,” says Bryan Chaney, director of employer brand and talent attraction at Indeed.

And research shows that font influences how readers perceive a message. Jason Hanold, who has spent more than 25 years reviewing resumes in his career in talent acquisition, says he wishes people paid more careful attention to their resumes and the fonts they use.

“A poorly selected font can indeed derail one’s chances for an interview, especially if other factors aren’t as strong,” says Hanold, CEO of recruiting firm Hanold Associates. “Fonts set a subconscious tone for the reader.”

Your average worker knows to avoid using Comic Sans, but beyond that, choosing the right typeface for your resume can be tricky. CNBC Make It asked several typographers and graphic designers to tell us the best fonts to use on a resume, and the ones listed here are all available in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Read the full article for five fonts typographers and designers say will boost your chances of landing an interview.