Softbank-backed REEF Kitchens Retains Hanold Associates for Chief HR Officer Search


Softbank-backed REEF Kitchens has retained Hanold Associates to lead the Chief HR Officer search, based in Miami. Jason Hanold and Keri Gavin lead the search.

REEF Kitchens is a subsidiary of REEF Technology, a company that owns more than 1.3 million parking spaces across 4,500 locations, with ambitions to utilize the lots for more than just parking. The company believes that these spaces can be repurposed to become goods and services hubs for urban communities, including REEF Kitchens, personal mobility options and peer to peer car rentals. It is creating opportunities to work with last-mile delivery companies, such as Uber, DoorDash, GetAround, Nuro and others, to align interests and create win-win situations for all parties involved.

REEF Kitchens will operate proprietary food truck style containers in the REEF Technology urban hubs. This allows smaller or newer restaurants an option to affordably open in popular urban areas, avoiding difficulties with availability and affordability of real estate. REEF has already launched operations in downtown Miami and London, with plans to expand and open several hundred more kitchens.

Recently backed by SoftBank, REEF Technology has a valuation of over $1B. The investment from SoftBank has allowed the company to purchase more parking companies, expanding their network across the country, recently becoming the largest parking network in North America. REEF has assembled an executive team and advisory board of former executives from major technology corporations such as UberEats, Starbucks, Darden, IBM and Twitter as it pursues its vision. They plan to add over 12,000 employees by year-end.

Reporting to the soon-to-be-named CEO of REEF Kitchens, the Chief Human Resources Officer will be responsible for all aspects of Human Resources throughout the REEF Kitchens organization. This leader will be a key member of the executive team, working to align talent and Human Resources objectives with those of the business. The company plans to grow rapidly throughout 2019, so to ensure the success of this business expansion, Human Resources, and especially Talent Management, will be a key area of focus for the organization. The ability to manage this growth will be a key success factor for the first year of the Chief Human Resources Officer.