Hospira retains Hanold

Hospira retains Hanold Associates for the Vice President, Human Resources Pharmaceutical Operations role. Hospira is the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies. The Company is headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois with approximately 16,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues over $4B.

The Company’s Medication Management Systems (MMS) portfolio has a global installed base of approximately 550,000 infusion devices.  The integrated portfolio offers wireless, networking, and several cross-platform interfacing capabilities to increase hospital utility, cost-effectiveness, and interoperability with other hospital IT systems.

The current and emerging portfolio of products is well positioned to address the growing global healthcare focus on improving patient safety and clinical outcomes.  The Company has the leading hardware/software solution in this area, and is far advanced with state-of-the art software which integrates directly with the hospital IT system and the patient medical record.

In addition to MMS, the Company offers gravity IV administration sets, and other devices designed to help hospital caregivers control contamination, eliminate needlestick injuries, and reduce exposure to hazardous materials.