Fusion Pharmaceuticals Retains Hanold Associates for Head of HR Search


Fusion Pharmaceuticals has retained Hanold Associates for their Head of Human Resources search based in Boston. Neela Seenandan, Katrina Prospero and Sonia Nagra are leading this search.

Fusion Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with one goal: curing cancer. The company is pushing the boundaries of modern science as it works to develop safer, more efficient radiopharmaceutical methods to effectively target and kill cancer cells by developing targeted alpha therapeutics. Fusion uses alpha emitters which kill cancer cells at low doses via double-stranded DNA breaks, for which there are no known resistance mechanisms. Although alpha emitters are highly potent, the radiation travels only a short distance allowing precise targeting and easy handling in an out-patient setting.

Fusion was originally founded in 2014 as a spin out from the Center for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC), a national center of excellence in radiopharmaceutical manufacturing. The company has raised $151M through two funding rounds, with the most recent being a Series B in March 2019 for $105M. Fusion’s investors include Varian Medical Systems, OrbiMed, Johnson & Johnson, TPG Biotech, and Perceptive Advisors. This continued funding will allow Fusion to advance and broaden its pipeline and pursue clinical trials in multiple indications as it prepares to undergo an initial public offering.

Currently, the company has approximately 30 employees with plans to more than double that count by next year. Most of the company’s research and manufacturing employees are oriented outside of Toronto in Hamilton, Ontario, while most of the clinical and business functions are in Boston, MA.

At Fusion, the main priority of the company is caring for patients and improving their quality of life. Fusion’s employees are united by their passion and dedication to utilize their individual talents to make transformative discoveries that will change the lives of patients.

Reporting to the Chief Financial Officer, John Crowley, the Vice President of Human Resources will be responsible for all aspects of Human Resources throughout Fusion Pharmaceuticals. As the company recently spun out of the CPDC, this position will need to initially focus on developing the HR infrastructure, including implementing policies and procedures related to recruitment, benefits, code of conduct, performance management and compensation. In addition, the VP of Human Resources will be a valued member of the senior management team, investing in a comprehensive people strategy for a rapidly evolving company by implementing best-in-class practices to attract and retain the highest quality talent.