CHRO: Successor to the CEO Podcast

In this ‘Talent Talks’ podcast episode, Jason Hanold, CEO and managing partner of Hanold Associates, a specialist boutique focused on HR officer search and board recruiting, discusses with us the CHRO’s rise to the C-suite and the CEO/CHRO relationship especially when the CHRO is the successor to the CEO. The CHRO, of course, has always played an essential role. But changing times have helped to elevate the position to new heights.

For all the value that those who occupy the chief human resources officer seat have brought to their companies over the years, it is only now that the role has begun to claim the fullest respect and attention of top leadership. In partnership with CEOs, chief human resource officers (CHROs) are playing increasingly critical roles to ensure companies win the war for talent and maximize employee motivation across the globe. Listen Now.