Boston-Based Pear Therapeutics Recruits Chief People Officer

Pear Therapeutics

Boston-based Pear Therapeutics has recruited Chief People Officer, Kathy Jeffery. Hanold Associates’ Neela Seenandan and Katrina Prospero led that search. Kathy will be based in San Francisco.

Kathy Jeffery joins Pear Therapeutics from Recurly, Inc. where she was Vice President of People. At Pear Therapeutics, she will report to the Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Chris Guiffre, and be responsible for building, implementing and maintaining HR strategy, structure and processes throughout the organization. Serving as a coach across the executive and leadership teams, Ms. Jeffery will play a critical role in establishing a robust culture that will empower, engage and connect talent at all levels within the company.

‘As the first Chief People Officer at Pear Therapeutics, Kathy’s drive, knowledge and passion make her the perfect leader to help build and develop the organization,’ said Katrina Prospero, Partner and lead on the search.

Pear Therapeutics is an innovator with a mission to create a better world by pioneering software as treatment for serious disease. As such, Pear is the leader in the field of prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs), software applications with regulatory authorization to treat disease. At the intersection of biology and software technology, PDTs are a rapidly growing and innovative new frontier in healthcare and can be used to help patients and their families by improving the standard of care for a range of serious diseases.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and San Francisco, California, Pear Therapeutics has over 100 employees and has seen explosive growth in the past years with plans for continued expansion. The company collected $50M in Series B funding in December 2017 and an additional $64M in Series C funding in December 2018.

The company has a pipeline of products from the discovery stage to clinical to FDA submission. Beyond reSET and reSET-O (software that combines cognitive behavioral therapy, fluency training and contingency management to treat substance disorders), they have product candidates intended to treat severe insomnia, comorbid depression, schizophrenia and depressive symptoms associated with MS.

Pear Therapeutics prides itself on being a company of “firsts,” a place for pioneers. They were the first company in their space to receive FDA authorization and continue to innovate in this new and growing field. The company’s employees together stand to create PDTs for a range of serious diseases. And while their employees may have diverse backgrounds, they share a passion for the company’s mission of treating diseases with state-of-the-art therapies and technology.