Beautycounter Appoints Chief People Officer from Hanold Associates’ Search


Beautycounter, a mission-driven clean cosmetics company focused on healthier, safer products, has appointed Suzette Ramirez-Carr as their Chief People Officer. Hanold Associates’ Partners Jason Hanold, Lisa Butkus and Katrina Prospero led the search for this Santa Monica-based role.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Beautycounter operates four retail stores and an ecommerce platform, but most of the company’s sales come through more than 65,000 independent sellers and advocates. All of Beautycounter’s products are 100% safe, containing none of the ingredients on the company’s “Never List” of more than 1,800 chemicals.

Ramirez-Carr recently served as Chief Human Resources Officer for United Talent Agency. She joined Beautycounter on Apr. 4, 2021 as Chief People Officer and reports to CEO and founder, Gregg Renfrew. They will work with a unified goal to shape the future of the company.