Apollo-owned Constellis Retains Hanold Associates for Chief HR Officer and Director of Benefits Searches


Constellis has retained Hanold Associates for their Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Director of Benefits searches. Katie Traines, Ashley Schiele, Kile Hanold and Katrina Prospero are leading the searches for these DC area roles.

Constellis is a US-based private security company most known for being the largest and most diverse provider of integrated security, mission support, and risk management services to high profile corporate, government, and nonprofit clients. In addition, they offer services to help protect humanitarian efforts, training for various organizations, technology implementation and logistics support services.

The company was originally formed in 2003 as Triple Canopy by US Army Special Forces vets, and their first contracts were in 2004 after the invasion of Iraq. The company rebranded as Constellis Group in 2014 after merging with another security firm, Academi. They have also made other acquisitions, including Olive Group, Centerra, OMNIPLEX, AMK9, Edinburgh International, Strategic Social and all associated affiliates.

Since 2016, Constellis has been owned by Apollo, an American private equity firm whose other notable portfolio companies include Claire’s, Caesar’s Entertainment, CareerBuilder, ADT, and Rackspace. Constellis company operates in over 45 countries globally with their headquarters in Reston, Virginia (outside of Washington, DC). They also maintain the Academi Flagship Training Facility in North Carolina as well as other facilities in Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, California, and Florida. The company has a total headcount of around 24,000 employees.

Reporting to Sharon Watts, newly appointed Chief Administrative Officer, the CHRO will need to be an individual who can move quickly and is not afraid of a challenge. He/she will work closely with the senior executives of the organization to transform the HR function and support the company’s continued evolution.

The CHRO will be responsible for creating and implementing HR strategy, structure, and processes, while ensuring that day to day operations of the organization remain uninterrupted. This role is ideal for a leader who wants to build and shape a culture in a rapidly growing, global organization. Constellis is highly acquisitive, and this HR leader will harmonize and build upon the different HR practices across the enterprise as well as help with continued integration of processes, people, and culture.

The Labor Benefits Director will report to the new CHRO and will be responsible for the compliant administration of all retirement benefit plans and fringe benefit plans for the company’s contracts governed by the Service Contract Act (SCA). This individual must have a strong working knowledge of the SCA, as well as proficiency with Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA), wage determination (WD), and unions. Since more than 90% of Constellis’ workforce is either under an SCA or CBA, this will be an essential role to ensure smooth business operations.