7 Reasons Colleagues May Hangout Without You

Are you wondering why your colleagues at work hangout without you?

No one likes feeling left out. Unfortunately, when every happy hour and lunch outing shows up in your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds, it’s never been easier to feel excluded. If the fact that everyone at work seems to be hanging out without you is getting you down, it may be time to assess the cause.

This article offers seven possible reasons for being left out of work hangouts and when that should worry you, with contributions from Jason Hanold, CEO of executive search firm Hanold Associates.

Hanold states there’s rarely ever any serious cause for concern when you don’t get invited to hang out. “Sometimes it’s a simple oversight; a couple people started hanging out, and then individuals joined in without a broad invitation,” he says. “In this scenario, extend yourself, be willing to be vulnerable, and express an interest in joining in next time,” he suggests. “Usually this is all it takes for inclusion.”

However, there are some causes to this exclusion that may go beyond just simple oversight. Click here for the full article by Áine Cain at Business Insider.